social responsibility

social responsibility

We operate for the benefit of the planet and people by integrating responsible business practices

Our goal is that employees value Yortïe® as a great place to work

By encouraging support for local non-profit and community based organizations, we would like the community to value Yortïe® as a great neighbor

We strive towards having an environmentally friendly system – minimizing food waste, recycling, using fair trade products and buying materials from suppliers that use sustainable sources

Equipped with Social Responsibility Certificate accredited by European Certification & Qualification Association our management is implementing CSR on every level of our business operation and having a holistic view of the company's stakeholders and environment.

charity programs

Yortïe® is developing various charity programs for those in need, such as Give Back December. We will cooperate with numerous charitable non-profit organizations through our charity fund in each franchisee's local market and territory.

In addition, we dedicate some amount of money from each Yortïe® product sold to an animal welfare fund which we decide on a case-by-case basis. With every product sold, together we can help make this world a better place.